Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#some notes for release my tension#

Pernah dulu bila aku ingt lg..masa mlm2 cmtu,sampai kul 2 3 pg cmtu,pastu masa exam-i went blank.xingt ape pun.masa tu pernah terfikir "ish..ntah abis ke xblaja ni." yela baru part 1 da boleh jd blank kt exam hall.cmne nii??

Pada aku course ape2 pun sama je..everyone will go through the same thing(subjek susah,asgment byk time dekat final,pendrive kene virus pastu asgment hilang,asgment kene kidnap n plagiarized by classmate,pastu lecturer kate ak tiru keje org len,groupmate xmo wt keje,lecturer cm singa n rimau,da nk dekat final pun still xphm subjek..tipulah if u all xpernah merasai kepahitan n keperitan yg pelbagai cmni.But don't worry.It's worth it tau!!all the hardwork!!Tu sume nk test kite je whether we are tough enoughfor the real world out there,it's scariest!It's only a matter of time till u find out that u are not the only one whos facing all of these problems.Org lain pun sama jgk.

Yes,student life is very stressful,so keep your frenz close and help them if they need help!!!


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