Monday, March 1, 2010

me n along time ago..=D

I still remember when i'm a child..i didn't know anything..what is happening around me i didn't know also..but feel want to know that i have.important things i do when i was childhood i only know how to play,eat,sleep,wake up...and then play again,eat again,sleep again,wake up again..again..n again..huhu..
Lagipun masa kita kecik2 dulu kita masih belum tahu banyak perkara..betul x?xkisah la perkara tu dlm bentuk ape sekalipun.tapi kadang2 tu time kita budak2 la yg kita selalu sangat buat comparison..perasaan x?comparison yg cmne tuh??ala normal la time kecik2 dulu suka buat comparison tentang maksud disebalik nama kita ke..comparison tentang ciri2 yg ada pd org lain ke..comparison tentang sifat2 baik n xbaik seseorang ke..and more la.hehe..waktu kecil mmg membahagiakn..still ingat smpai sekarang tau!! time xingt la bila..dh lame sgt but i still keep this pic for my memories.haha..comel x aku??

ni pulak time ak sekolah dulu..cute x?hehe

ok guys i think that is enough to know who i know my past time.hehe..ingat tau jgn time kecik2 je rajin buat comparison time dh besaq ni pun nk kena rajin jgk buat comparison tau coz there are many thing n more to explore in this the best among the best ok?..
ok guys..much luv for semorang..
"have a nice day"


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