Monday, March 1, 2010

please help this student!!!

Study time is tiring right?many things that need to be assigment, thesis, quiz, test, exam and the kinds of cases.sometimes i can to long to complain because all that too tired to think that should to think.when i take the first time to exam is SPM and take the middle of the night..i have been studying in blankets with only light from my 'handphone'..hehe..that funny right?but all that is true and is because i don't want to disturb my other friends who were asleep.

But now thats time is not only to focus and give my fully attention too with more study on the middle of the night coz i'm too sleepy..and when i not asleep at night and do my work..the day when i haven't any classes i take this opportunity to sleep in my class..hehe..huhu..ngee~~(^_^)

hehe..sleep in my class..zzzzzzzzzz
can't give any attention when asleep right?huhu

msg:don't do like this in u'r class if u r not brave..hehe.. =D


fara feroza said...

hehe...biase terjadi pada diriku..:)..

rEd RosEs LadY said...

haha...fenat funye fasal daaa...haha

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